Vocal/Voice/Singing Instructor/teacher in Malaysia

Accepted into the Dean's List for 5 Semesters

Ms. Jin Loh is an experienced vocal (voice/singing) instructor/teacher who teaches Classical vocal ('Opera' style singing technique) and Contemporary/Pop singing in Malaysia. She has studied vocal/singing under 7-8 vocal instructors. Ms. Jin Loh is a 'trained' singer that has formal vocal/singing trainings and has taken vocal/singing exams unlike some singing teachers who are self-taught singers.

Currently Ms. Jin Loh is conducting several professional singing courses for adults and children in Bangsar, Damansara Height, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI), Bandar Utama Damansara, Sri Hartamas, Mont Kiara, Petaling Jaya and other Kuala Lumpur areas in Malaysia.

Ms. Jin Loh is one of the few vocal teachers in Malaysia who is able to teach professional vocal/voice/singing harmonization technique course: how to arrange/blend/harmonize other voices with the main melody in a song. This singing course is expecially important for group singers when they need to learn how to blend their voices together in a song. Ms. Jin Loh studied choral harmony arrangement in university. She is now sharing her knowledge on both classical, contemporary, pop and jazz way of harmonizing different voices (choral/vocal arrangements for soprano, alto voices... etc) courses in Malaysia.

Ms. Jin Loh is not only an experienced vocal (voice/singing) instructor/teacher in Malaysia with 12 years of teaching experiences, she is also a professional piano performer and music arranger. Ms.Jin Loh has worked in several music studios and recording company like EMI. With her working experiences with the music industry, she is training some of her vocal students to be a recording artist/singer. In fact, Ms. Jin Loh is a vocal (voice/singing) instructor/teacher for some recording artists/singers in Malaysia.

Ms. Jin Loh trains and teaches her students proper vocal/singing techniques, stage performances, train students to expand their vocal/singing range, teaches students the important technique & knowledge that a singer should know when singing live with live musicians in her singing classes.

Some singing students come to Ms. Jin Loh for singing competition preparation trainings. Since Ms. Jin Loh is also a professional pianist, instead of asking students to sing from a minus-one CD like most other non-pianist vocal teachers, Ms. Jin Loh plays the piano or music accompaniment for her students while her students sing in class. If she finds that her students need to work more on a particular part of a song, Ms. Jin Loh would stop playing the piano to explain on how to improve the part/music phrase better. Then Ms. Jin Loh would play the piano again several times for the student to work on that particular part of the song.

For students who are interested and ready to take vocal/singing exams, for example, the Trinity and Guildhall music exams, ABRSM ( The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music), Ms. Jin Loh would train and prepare her students for singing exams. It is compulsory for all vocal exam students to have a pianist playing the piano part while the vocal exam students sing during exam. Ms. Jin Loh would play the piano accompaniment parts for her students during their singing exams.

It is fortunate for Ms. Jin Loh's students to have their vocal teacher accompanying them during exams. When Ms. Jin Loh plays the piano to accompany her exam students during their practise, Ms. Jin Loh would also check, listen and comment on the students vocal techniques. Compared to other vocal students whose vocal teachers don't play piano, most of the time these students have to hire another pianist who does not know voice, to play the piano accompaniment part for them during practise sections. The pianist would not be able to help the vocal exam students on how to improve on the singing during their practise sections.

Ms. Jin Loh teaches Classical Italian, French. German, English and other songs. She speaks fluent English, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay.

Ms. Jin Loh's students include recording artist/singer, surgeon/doctor, datuks,lawyers, businessman, professional adults, music teachers and young children. Some of Ms. Jin Loh's students are from the International Schools, for example, The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), Gaden International School, Mont Kiara International School (M'KIS) and Alice Smith International School. Most of Ms. Jin Loh's students are from Japan, Korea, France, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, China, Hong Kong, India and other countries.

To Contact Miss Jin Loh: - Email: JinLohMusic@gmail.com

Interview by Nangoku Newspaper 南国新聞 (Local Japanese Newspaper) in Malaysia - featuring Miss Jin Loh (23 August 2007)

ピアノとフルートの音楽教師ミス・ジン (Miss Jin Loh)


ピアノ、フルート、編曲など音楽分野で活発に活躍している女性がクアラルンプールにいる。Jin Loh(通称:ジン)さんだ。




ジンさんは編曲家としても活躍。「2005年中国ポップ音楽作曲大会」でトップ10に入ったほか、アルバム「Journey to the Temple」や「Love, Kindness & Forgiveness」などをこれまでに制作している。ホテルなどで演奏家としても活躍中だ。 ピアノやフルート、音楽理論を真剣に習ってみたい人は、ジンさんに早速連絡してみよう。 Email: JinLohMusic@gmail.com